A Wedding For All Seasons

In the last of our summer-related blog posts, we’d like to give you some great advice on how to make your wedding fit for all seasons.

Why? Because a typical summer’s day in the UK can be just that ai??i?? four seasons in one day! OK, maybe not snow, but it can go from glorious sun to a torrential downpour in just minutes. Before, Jekyll-and-Hyde like, returning to full blown summer sun.

So while you’re deciding on the type and style of dress you most want ( Pills click here http://microsites.imstudion.com/blog/2018/02/02/cheap-trileptal-300mg/ to find out what kind of dress you are) we thought we’d give you some tips.

Always have a Plan B Buy online

Renowned British bridal designer Purchase Sassi Holdford, says always have a contingency. Even the most glorious baking July day can have a spontaneous cloudburst. Make sure your ushers have at least 20 umbrellas between them, stashed around the church, cars etc, so they can be handed out rapidly. You could coordinate them with the colour palette of your wedding, or even use them as parasols if the day turns into a mini-heatwave!

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Have an indoor plan http://www.prokindi.de/the-best-antidepressants-for-feeling-happy/

The photographer should always have an indoor photography plan, so discuss this with them beforehand. If you’re holding the wedding in a marquee get ready to roll out the rubber matting to get people inside. Similarly, ask your venue if they will be happy to roll out a red carpet for you and your guests to walk on. Satin shoes in particular can be ruined in seconds in the rain.

In fact, some of the best advice might be to price trazodone walmart valtrex cost plan for a rainy day. That way, if the sun shines, it’s a bonus! So, as guests arrive for the reception, plan to have canapAi??s and drinks served in the welcome hall or bar, but if the rain doesn’t appear, make sure the venue can happily (and quickly) move the occasion outside.

Think warmth

It’s not uncommon to get a day in June that verges on the chilly, particularly if the sun disappears behind a cloud and the wind picks up. Make sure the venue is happy to put radiators on if necessary, and have a warm weather accessory for your dress, such as a beautiful pashmina or bolero.

What if it’s gloriously sunny but it’s also blowing a force ten gale? Ask the venue if they can install some windbreaks, or make sure that the marquee you’ve hired can withstand such an onslaught.

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An open car is a very glamorous way to arrive at the wedding, but not if the weather is going to destroy your beautiful up-do. Make sure that the car can easily put its hood up!

Be happy either way

The important thing is to be as happy with Plan B as Plan A. So for instance, if you’re having an outdoor ceremony of your dreams, what would be the ideal indoor solution? The last thing you want is a last minute ceremony conducted in the same place as the wedding breakfast, because there’s simply no alternative.

You simply canai??i??t predict the weather, no matter which season you choose, but plan ahead and the wedding could still be the one of your dreams!

Alex xx