Have you got your wedding entertainment sorted?

Venue? Tick. Dress? Tick. Entertainment? Stumped!

From a four-piece orchestra to a magician, these days anything goes. But there’s one type of entertainment that we’re particularly keen on. Why? Because it’s something for everyone, and it creates long-lasting memories.

Step forward the photo booth.


It’s a relative newcomer to the wedding scene, but the photo booth is fast becoming one of the most popular items to include at a wedding.

And it makes perfect sense. It’s one of the most important days in a person’s life. Ai??A couple hires a photographer to capture treasured memories of the ceremony and the venue. What capturing all the guests and the actual fun being had, particularly during the reception? Chances are there will only be a few photos showing these.

The photo booth fills that gap. While the photographer captures the elegance of the wedding, the photo booth captures the fun of it. Not just that, it creates visual memories for everyone to take home.

Set aside your image of the passport photo booth in your local supermarket. A wedding photo booth is nothing like it. Here are some tips on what to look for!

xeloda nhs price Order Do they do pictures and video?

Ideally, they should have both. Friends getting together and recording a message for the bride and groom has got to count as one of the most treasured memories from the wedding.

How many does it fit?

It won’t be much fun if you can only fit one or two people in! If you can comfortably fit four to six people then you’ll get some great group shots.

How easy is it to assemble?

The fun of the photo booth will soon turn into a headache if it takes someone hours to put up and down.

Is it easy to use? buy sexual viagral pill in singapore sale clarinex

Does it have user-friendly technology? Better still, does it come with its own attendant? No point having a fabulous photo booth if no one can work out how to use it.

How easy is it to print/retrieve the pictures and video?

Equally important is getting your hands on the pictures afterwards. They should be easily downloadable online and be able to be shared on Facebook and other social media if you so wish. It should also have a printing facility to get pictures right there and then.

All photo booths are not made equal..

Lookout for these extras. If you’re going to hire one, you may as well hire the best!

An external screen. cheap desyrel wiki Guests waiting in the queue will be able to see inside the booth

Backgrounds. The background should have plenty of templates to choose from and a wide range of good quality backgrounds.

Marryoke. Never heard of it? You have now. It’s photo booth and singing contest combined. Love it or hate it, karaoke is without doubt one of the highlights of an evening out. Imagine being able to record those moments to look back on for years to come. Order

Facial Recognition Technology, which means that the camera can recognise people’s faces, allowing you to add digital props (hats, speech bubbles, etc) to the picture or video. http://supermokh.planetbola.my/index.php/2018/03/19/depression-drugs-that-cause-weight-loss/ Order http://empiricalexchange.com/?p=17690

Interested? Take a look here to find out more. There is currently a special offer running, if you book before the end of September you’ll receive several extras worth over A?200 free of charge!

Have you had a photo booth at your wedding? Send us a picture!

www.dobooth.com for more information and special offers.

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