Theming a Wedding


Getting married? Fantastic, you’ve come to the right place. Know what theme you’re going to have? Before you delve into the dress, the invitations and the venue, it’s useful to decide what theme you want your wedding to have. Vintage? Shabby-chic? Traditional? Hipster? We asked luxury event stylish Bronwynne Britt from Buy online Platinum Raspberry Cheap for some expert advice.

Match the venue

It’s really important to make sure that the theme matches the venue. So say you have chosen a really smart manor house, then to go for something quirky is a bit incongruous. The best weddings we do seem to perfectly fit their surroundings. If you want a fun theme then you have a marquee or a tepee, for example.

order entocort medication Plan from the ground up

Start with a mood board, and collect pictures to pin on them. The biggest mistake to make is to cross-theme. Say you started with a beach theme, but all of a sudden it has become shabby chic, mixed with a bit of vintage then before you know it there’s bird-cages along with the beach theme and it all looks a bit messy!

Order Think textures

Think in terms of textures. So even if you’re going for white theme, use textured linen on the tables, for example.

Theme across the whole wedding.

So not just the centrepiece, but think about how it can run from the invitations, to the dress, to the flowers, to the venue. Going back to the beach/nautical theme, you could have white linen tables with navy-stripe runner, and choose wooden chairs to match the theme. Wood is a natural product and is synonymous with a beach.


Credit: Platinum Raspberry

The stationery is the first hint of what the wedding theme will be, but you don’t have to shout about it. The dress needs to fit as well though, an oyster-coloured dress won’t necessarily match your multi-colour theme, even if it’s the perfect dress for you.

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Pay an expert for advice, somebody to give you that initial pathway right at the beginning. It’s worth it! People often start well but then stumble halfway through. If you’ve had that advice from the beginning that’s less likely to happen.

Colour palette

The colour palette is crucial. Pick one that matches the theme. If you want a festival-themed wedding you wouldn’t really go for black and purple, but rather multi-colour or pastels. A lot of people want a vintage style wedding and decide on a Cadbury purple colour, but that colour isn’t vintage, it’s modern!

With that advice in hand, here are some ideas to start you off on own summer wedding theme!

Beach theme online Beach weddings by their nature are relaxed affairs, so go less formal with the dress code, scatter the ceremony with shells and nautical motifs. Recreate an outdoor beach party with firepits and cold beers.

Quintessential English garden

A summer garden in the UK can be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Bunting for decoration, cupcakes and iced tea instead of canapAi??s, or cream tea and scones will all evoke that summer garden party/fete theme. Have candyfloss, toffee apples or potted jam for your centrepiece. Use blackboards and chalk for signage. Read one of our Purchase previous posts to find out what flowers to use for a summer wedding.


Credit: Platinum Raspberry

Woodland / Midsummer Night’s Dream

Investigate outdoor venues and get married in a forest. Or choose a rustic barn and use authentic wooden signage and forest-inspired bouquets (think berries, acorns, oak leaves, wildflowers). Keep the food simple and opt for a hog roast or a campfire, and give each table marshmallows to roast on it. Make it a midsummer night theme with twigs or flowers instead of a tiara. Think golds and silvers, fairy lights and lanterns.

Princess wedding

buy viagra online next day delivery Only a full-skirted wedding dress will do for this one. Think big when it comes to decoration and cake, add a chocolate fountain and ice sculptures. Venue-wise choose a ballroom and consider using an orchestra to accompany you down the aisle. Choose a large car such as a Rolls or a Bentley to ferry you away to honeymoon.

We’d love to know what theme you choose, let us know!

Alex xx