Summer Wedding Flowers

As I write, the sun is shining and it’s a gloriously hot day. So this week’s piece is with summer weddings in mind. Specifically, what kind of flowers best suit a summer wedding? atarax price cvs

Nicola from Nicola Lewis Flowers Purchase suggests that Delphiniums, Hydrangea, Poenys, Sweet Pea and Roses are the ones guaranteed to give you a lovely bloom on the day.

Delphiniums Cheap are part of the buttercup family, and bear tall stalks covered in flowers. Colours range from a deep blue to a more gentle lilac. These are definitely attention-grabbing flowers ai??i?? great for stool-top arrangements at the entrance to your venue.


Hydrangea order femara Purchase are similar in that they are also an explosive bloom, but much more of a rounded shape than a talk stalk. Similar in colours to the delphiniums, these also range into deep pinks. These make a beautiful rounded bouquet, and look particularly romantic when paired with roses. zyban sales


Poenys evoke a quintessential English country garden on a summer day. They are lovely fat flowers with lush foliage and hardy stems that make them a wedding favourite. They are usually too large for buttonholes, but they can make lovely table decorations as well. One flower in a small vase looks very elegant. They have a fantastic variety of colours. Coral and yellow are one of my favourite combinations!

trimox cost Sweet Pea are equally beautiful colour-wise (common shades are blues, purples, whites, pinks and greens) but they have a much more subtle and gentle look about them. Because of the number of flowers on each stem, they are a good choice if you want an arrangement all in one colour. Pills Ai?? buy pills Stick to the English variety, though, rather than the Dutch.

Roses are possibly the most romantic of any flower. Think classic English wedding here. Particularly well suited (I think) to grander venues such as an historic castle or country home. Roses pair well with dark green foliage and are a good all-rounder ai??i?? buttonhole, bouquet, table arrangement and so on.

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Nicola has some top tips to keep your flowers in perfect shape for the wedding. Firstly, they should stay in water until the morning of the wedding. Then they should be wrapped and sprayed in the wedding box for transportation. Most important of all, says Nicola, keep them well away from a room that has hairdryers going! They need to be kept in the absolute coolest place.

Then comes the hard work of making your wedding venue look amazing with your choice of flowers, followed by walking up the aisle with a beautiful bouquet in your hands. Surely the best start to any ceremony! discount doxycycline no prescription

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