Striking a Financial Balance

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I talked a couple of weeks ago about one of the main things that gets engaged couples arguing, i.e., how involved the groom is in planning the wedding. I hope that you found the advice useful (and do let us know your thoughts!)

Today, I’m delving into another possible flashpoint: how much to spend on the wedding!

Amongst all the excitement of the upcoming nuptials there is also the small matter of how you are going to pay for it.

Doubtless you want the wedding to be everything you have ever dreamed of. However special you make your day, it’s important to be mindful of costs as you’re planning it. You don’t want to start married bliss with a mountain of debt.

In fact, one of the top reasons that the otherwise excited bride and groom-to-be fall out about is ai??i?? you guessed it ai??i?? money.

How much to spend, and what to prioritise, are things you want to try and hammer out early. This will be all about compromise, but it’s a good start, after all, isn’t marriage itself all about compromise? So when you’re planning the wedding, avoid thinking We’ll budget according to how much the stuff is that we want, but rather, What can we afford to spend, and where should we prioritise that spending?

You need to decide what is most important to you both. You probably do want the best dress, the best cake, the best venue, so can you look for savings on invitations? Be ruthless with the guest list? Ten people off the list could mean another few hundred for the dress.

For every opinion you have there’ll be ten additional ones from friends and family members. But there’s no harm in listening to advice. You could be generous with a free bar, and scale back on the canapAi??s, or pay for just the table wine. You could have beautiful invitation cards individually designed, or do the whole thing online. You could opt for a sit-down wedding breakfast, or decide on a cheaper buffet option, leaving more money for Champagne at the guests’ arrival.

The point is: when you decide what’s more important, you can trim other costs accordingly.

The trick is to strike a balance, together. pills online ?order v-gel capsules

Where does the money go?

A typical UK wedding costs between A?15,000, if you’ve been relatively careful, to around A?25,000 if you’ve insisted on an ice sculpture at every table.

finpecia best price Big Ticket items

Tend to be the wedding venue (A?2,500); the reception (4,000); the catering (A?3,500). Most of the time, the wedding dress sits up here too, at around A?2,000.

Middle Ticket online

The wedding rings (A?1,000); the photography (A?750); and the entertainment (A?750); all take up a large slice. Outfits for bridesmaids and groomsmen come up to around A?1,000.

Last but not least

The flowers and decoration (A?350); the all-important cake, (A?350);the gifts for those involved with the wedding (A?200); the cars (A?150); and the invitations, (A?100).

Which leaves the rest for the honeymoon.

Me? I decided the honeymoon was the most important bit, so I spent A?4,000 on the wedding and A?7,000 on the honeymoon!

Good luck with your budgeting!

Pills Alex xx


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