What Kind of Wedding Dress are You?

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Welcome to the very first Celebrationshows.com feature. We can’t wait to bring you lots of interesting wedding-related features, top tips and inspirations over the coming weeks ai??i?? so watch this space! For this first one we’re looking at the second most important item for your big day (the first being the groom, of course.) The Wedding Dress.

Dresses shown are from www.finiks.co.uk and http://www.irmaselin.com/

Both companies are exhibiting at Marriott Regents Park Wedding Show, Sunday 1st June.

What kind of dress are you?

How do you find the one? I don’t mean your betrothed, of course. You’ve already figured that one out. I’m talking about the dress. The outfit you will wear on the most important day of your life. What kind of dress person are you?

1. Off the Peg Cheap . Are you a sooner, rather than later kind of gal? Then a long engagement is not likely to be on the cards. If time is lacking then Off the Peg is your best bet. Don’t go thinking that it’s not without its own glamour, though, some of the high street department stores will still bring out the Champagne in their expansive showrooms. If you’re lucky, a sample dress they’re about to discontinue may be just the ticket, but make sure all it needs is a good clean.

Pills Crucial tip: Book an appointment before you go. Some allow you straight in to browse, some don’t.

Great because: order sumycin side You take the dress home the same day, and it’s cheaper than having a dress designed.

2. Bespoke. If time and budget aren’t an issue for you, and you’re more of a Vera Wang than a Debenhams, then it’s a Bridal Boutique for you. Bridal Boutiques tend to stock several big name designers to choose from, and usually take six to eight months to complete the dress.

Crucial tip: Saturday fittings are popular, so find a boutique local to work so you can squeeze them into a lunchtime.

http://simiwedsgbenga.com/?p=5147 Great for: Being made to feel super special.

Cheap 3. Upcycling. If you’re Miss thrifty, and a tad altruistic to boot, Oxfam and The Red Cross both have dedicated wedding dress shops. It’s called “upcycling” and it means that you get a great dress at a bargain price.

Crucial tip: Another one to book an appointment for. prednisone over the counter equivalent http://serrurerie-olivier.com/protonix-generic-name/

Great for: Looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside.

4. High Street. Don’t see what all the fuss is about? Many of the high street shops sell beautiful dresses that can easily pass as a wedding dress. Think Coast, Monsoon, Ghost, Phase Eight, and concessions in all the major department stores. Even Tesco are at it. Ditto online; try www.net-a-porter.com

Crucial tip: Think about what you want your look to be (floaty romantic or slinky and sexy) then hit the shops accordingly.

Great for: The cheaper price means you can go mad on some fantastic accessories. Jimmy Choos anyone?

Cheap 5. Pills Visit a wedding show. Don’t want to follow the crowd? Other than being a fantastic day out with girlfriends, visiting a show can unmask many a hidden treasure. You’re likely to find a local- designer that doesn’t have a high street presence, works in her own living room, but designs the sorts of dress that an A-lister would dream of.

Crucial tip: Pick the right underwear in plenty of time so that the fit is right. Order

Great for: Some totally personalised service in a cosy atmosphere. Cheap

Whichever option you go for; make sure you take an open mind with you. You may think that the Princess look isn’t for you, but try it on and you might just look a million dollars.

Happy Shopping!Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??

Alex xxxAi??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??