Are you inviting Children to the Wedding?


It can be a bit of a thorny issue; whether to invite children to a wedding. Chief among complaints is that children are noisy and unpredictable. There are also some parents who aren’t quick enough to whisk their child out of the ceremony if they’re making a hullabuloo.

But the modern day family comes in all shapes and sizes, and most couples will have at least two or three children in their family or among their close friends. Before you lay on a blanket ban on children at the wedding, we’d like to present some ideas that we think might just keep everybody happy.

Buy 1. Pick a child-friendly venue

The venue of your dreams might be stunningly beautiful, but if they turn their nose up at a six-month-old that thinks sandwiches belong on the floor and not in their mouth; or get snotty with a four-year-old that wants to play hide and seek behind their antique velvet curtains, then it’s not the right place. You can get a feel for a place as soon as you visit, but actually the website is a pretty good indicator of whether they welcome children or not. Just look for the words “family room” or “kids menu”. 2. Can the kids run around?

What amenities does the venue have? Have they got a playground? Do they have open space for kids to run around in? One hotel I researched had a decking area full of ride-on toys. Another had a whole adventure playground and football-playing area.

3. How to entertain the children Order Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??

If youai??i??re working with a wedding planner at your venue, they should have a contacts book brimming with numbers for children’s entertainers, helium balloon specialists, nannies, etc. One idea would be to hold an afternoon craft session under the guidance of some experienced childminders.

online 4. Does the hotel supply babysitters?

Purchase Or if they don’t, will they allow you to hire childcare? Are you using a marquee? Will they allow you to set up another marquee in order to entertain the children? Or hire a smaller room that can become a mini cinema? Or a kiddie disco?

order lisinopril 5. Mod-cons

Are microwaves, baby bottle warmers, and high chairs in plentiful supply? Are there plenty of baby change facilities?

6. Menu alternatives. buy flagyl 200mg spain

Kids are unlikely to tuck into lamb-shank served with mint jus with gusto. You could ask your caterers to provide a picnic-style or sandwich lunch for the children, which includes everyday items such as grapes, carrot sticks, yoghurt and maybe a packet of crisps. Juices in a bottle of carton will go down as well. Alternatively, you could hire some childminders and have them eat in a separate room entirely.Ai?? seroflo delivery online

It may seem cross-purposes to invite children only to go and stick them in another room; but it’s about making it the most fun for them, as well as their parents. They can have fun with the other kids, without disturbing the more serious parts of the wedding (the ceremony and the speeches) and, perhaps best of all, the parents can also relax and enjoy themselves. It’s a win win!

Have you invited children to your wedding? Let us know your tips and advice!

Good luck!

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