How To Get Glowing Locks for Your Summer Wedding!

As the summer wedding season gets into full swing, I thought we’d take a look this week at how to get your hair looking it’s absolute best on the day.

Different seasons do different things to our hair. In the winter our hair hides behind hats and becomes lank and greasy, in the summer it has an onslaught to deal with of sun cream, sweat, and seriously unpredictable weather!

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But there are ways of making sure that your hair looks absolutely fantastic on the big day ai??i?? all you have to do is start early!

One year to go

Get into the habit of washing your hair every three days. Any more than that and your sebum production will increase, making your hair greasy. Before you panic about having to go around with greasy hair, there are some great dry-shampoo products out there these days that will get you through the last pre-wash day.

This is also a good time to try out the colour you think you want. If you’re not happy with it, there’s time for it to grow out! Get advice from a nutritionist for hair and nail supplements and the right diet that can help with growth and getting your locks looking in tip-top condition.

Six months to go

Start a regular trimming programme with your hairdresser ai??i?? at least every six weeks. If you highlight or colour your hair, ask them to only do the roots so that the extra colour doesn’t dry out the ends. Pills

Cheap Four months to go

best generic viagra sites Stimulating the scalp can make hair grow! Brush it in the morning and at night, give yourself a scalp massage (or better still, get your fiancAi?? to do it!). Perhaps try some Indian Head massage to get your locks growing ai??i?? I swear by it! buy aricept online

Three months to go

Start using an oil on your hair. It may seem a contradiction in terms, who wants to put oil in their hair? But actually a pea-sized amount rubbed into the ends of the hair can begin to mend dry ends and split ends. Similarly, invest in some good quality deep conditioning treatments for your hair.

Six weeks to go

Lay off the hairdryer! Take advantage of sunny days to let your hair dry naturally. If you’re a hairdryer addict this may take some getting used to, but take heart: this year’s Spring/Summer catwalks were full of the naturally dried, tousled look.

un rey en la habana online Four weeks to go

When you start going for your hairdressing trials, take the unpredictable weather into account. Ask your hairdresser to recommend styles that can outlast a drizzle, a torrential downpour and a summer heat wave. A romantic, flowing look is particularly prone to going back to its originally frizzy state on a humid or wet day. However, your hairdresser can advice you on how not to let this happen.

Two weeks to go

Wash your hair in cold water; it makes your hair really shine. I only discovered this when my boiler broke! It’s not the most comfortable of things, but it brings out an amazing gloss in your hair if you can grin and bear it!

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Do not wash hair on your wedding day! Freshly clean, flyaway hair is much harder to style than one washed the day before.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the process of having your hair done. Bask in the benefits of all your hard work over the last year!

Good luck with your hair regime!

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