Cash as a Wedding Gift?

Cheap Should you ask for cash as a wedding gift?


Organising a wedding can be a bit of a minefield. Along the way there is usually some upset ai??i?? an interfering relative, arguments about the guest list or location, the groom not doing enough, or the subject of this week’s post ai??i?? can you (should you) ask for cash as a wedding present?

It’s a subject that completely divides opinion.

Some say it’s plain rude to ask for money; some say that they feel forced to spend more.

Others say it’s fair enough, at least you’re getting the couple what they want, and it saves them having to shop around for a present.

The wedding gift list was intended to furnish the first home of the newlyweds. But these days, more than one in four couples cohabit before marrying. Which means that they already have a fully furnished home.

On top of that, the engaged couple are more financially pressured than ever before. The cost of living is going up, wages are barely keeping up with inflation, and the cost of a wedding has soared to new heights. online

Ai??So it makes perfect sense, from a couple’s point of view, to ask for cash. In many ways it’s the most useful gift.

Purchase atorlip 20 price And it’s not unusual in other cultures. Common at a Jewish wedding is giving money in multiples of the number 18. Similarly at a Hindu wedding, a gift of money ending in the number one is considered lucky. At a Chinese wedding the couple are presented with a cash gift in a traditional red envelope. In counties all over Europe, couples take part in a “money dance”, where guests pin money to the bride’s dress.

So what’s the etiquette of asking for money? online

Put a note in the invitation saying that the guests’ presence is all you really want, but that if they really want to contribute then you’d like nothing more than to be able to afford X. Anything that can be perceived as making your start in married life better is good, as that’s what guests will want to contribute to.

Let guests know what you intend to spend it on. No one wants to give money to a couple so that they can blow it all down the pub on a Friday night. Have a project in mind, it might be the honeymoon fund, or it might be saving up to decorate a future nursery, guests will appreciate being told.

Or you could just put that for gift information they have to contact a member of the wedding party, the mother in law or chief bridesmaid, for instance. They can then handle the requests for information and pass on the fact that what you’d really like money.

Keep it short and sweet. A long list of the repairs needed to your house isn’t necessary. Be empathetic, many people still do find it rude to ask for money. Don’t forget they’re spending a fair amount just to attend.

Don’t use a poem to get the message across. You’d be surprised how many people dislike the poems used to ask for have been warned!

In case you’re wondering, we asked for money. We simply put on the invitation that we didn’t need any gifts, but that if people really wanted to contribute we appreciated a cash gift to go towards the honeymoon. Only one relative insisted on buying a tangible gift, everyone else was happy to oblige!

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